Thursday, August 16, 2007

‘Whopping’ shouldn’t describe 31 mpg

Big business is big for a reason, because the companies have the money and resources to grab market share for many of the products we use. They can also put a spin on anything.

Have you noticed lately how many advertisements there are for big businesses claiming to be going green with environmentally friendly products? It must be the in thing to do, or at least another way to spin the markets their way.

Several oil companies – we won’t name any here – have produced expensive TV commercials to tell us their products burn cleaner than they did before.

To me, that’s sugar-coating it because fossil fuels put harmful gases into the atmosphere no matter what the companies define as “green.”

Here’s another scenario. A number of automakers buy commercials to tell us their cars get a “whopping” 31 miles to the gallon. Are you kidding me? Thirty-one mpg for a four-cylinder automobile made of plastic, light steel and aluminum is hardly whopping. Those contraptions should get a heck of a lot better mileage than that.

But big businesses won’t push ahead until the laws change, and even then, it’s usually only an inch from where they started.

With the power the oil and auto industries have on Capitol Hill, the powers that be aren’t exactly hurrying to budge those laws. Not until their friends and lobbyists are ready. Not until the changes meet their approval or terms. Not until the fall-back is designed, marketed and in place for big business.