Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Troll to get new digs in less than a day

Here’s something that made us say “wow” at a recent staff meeting. It’s called “rapid replacement technology” and its being used in Canada to replace a 500 metric-ton bridge in less than one day.

Ontario Transportation Minister Donna Cansfield stated that a bridge crew will use the technology to replace the Island Park Bridge on Highway 417 – and the highway will only be closed for a total of 15 hours. That’s right. Fifteen hours.

That’s a good thing for the 7,500 trucks and 150,000 commuters and travelers that use the bridge each day.

Obviously, the new bridge has already been constructed somewhere else and will be brought in by truck and crane. The old bridge will be removed in a similar fashion without a messy demolition.

And that means the resident bridge troll won’t even have time for a suntan before he gets his new digs.