Monday, August 13, 2007

Speed limiters not just a Canadian issue

I went online this week to check on the progress of a petition started by a hard-working owner-operator named Jean Catudal of Quebec who wanted to speak out against government proposals calling for mandatory speed limiters.

I was disappointed to see that only 314 people had signed it since July 8, including only 43 from the U.S.

Let me remind anyone interested in this issue, including U.S. truckers. These proposals for speed limiters in Ontario and Quebec may seem like Canadian issues, but they have widespread implications.

The proposals, if they become law when lawmakers return to office in October, will affect every trucker who travels into or out of those provinces. That would put a lot of limited trucks on the road that weren’t limited before.

And watch out, because Canada has been the guinea pig for a number of things that eventually get attempted in the U.S. – such as annoying dollar coins the size of quarters.

If the government is concerned about speed, officials need to enforce what is already there in the form of a speed limit.

Speed limiters on trucks should be a business decision by companies and individuals who want to self-regulate.

Anyone from anywhere can sign the petition. Click here to read the petition and to take a moment to add your name and a comment.