Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mainstream media picking up on ‘hot fuel’

We all rely somewhat on the mainstream media as we get our daily dose of information. But, as we all know, they don’t always nail down the whole story or have time or space to dedicate to details.

The Kansas City Star deserves kudos for breaking the story to the mainstream with a provocative series beginning in August 2006.

Since then, more mainstream media sources – your major newspapers, radio stations and TV networks – have tried their hands at tackling the “hot fuel” issue, gasoline and diesel sold at retail above the temperature of 60 degrees. It is above that temperature where consumers get ripped off by purchasing fuel energy they don’t receive because of thermal expansion.

The Web producer at the CBS television news affiliate in Denver alerted us to a story done by reporter Paul Day that sums up the issue of hot fuel pretty well.

Click here to view the report. I think it’s one of the best summaries we’ve seen so far.

Day does a good job of presenting facts, rounding up relevant quotes and presenting the opposing sides in a four-minute segment – about the time it takes to fill up your passenger vehicle.