Thursday, August 23, 2007

Corrupt Bastards Club?

Last week, we reported that attorneys for former Illinois Gov. George Ryan say they’ll seek a re-hearing, seeing as how a federal appeals court upheld Ryan’s conviction on corruption charges.

The 73-year-old Ryan was convicted last year for all kinds of racketeering-type schemes and partly for taking pay-offs in exchange for state business contracts while he was governor during the 1990s.

From the trucking angle, another ruse involved state licensing workers accepting bribes to issue CDLs – then forwarding that money to Ryan’s campaign.

As “Land Line Now” news anchor Reed Black reported on Wednesday, it was the discovery of the CDL scheme that led to a much broader investigation that resulted in the convictions of dozens of state officials, lobbyists and others.

Our Web site and our XM radio show were among the hundreds of news outlets that picked up that story. According to my Google search, a humor publication quickly stepped out to spoof Ryan, calling him a role model for the fictional “Corrupt Bastards Club.”

The Spoof reported that the club’s members noted that “Ryan’s exemplary career had showed them the path to steering state contracts and leases to insiders and using tax dollars in their own political campaigns.”

Of course, we know that this club does not really exist ... or does it?