Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trucks on film

Does it seem like big trucks have played a pretty big part in some of this summer’s biggest movies?

Obviously, I work for a trucking magazine, so I’m probably just watching for it more – kind of like how you start noticing all the different car models when you’re in the market for a new one.

I’ve also seen an unusually high number of films this summer – by my standards, at least – so the chances of spotting a truck are probably just that much higher.

But two of the year’s biggest films – “Live Free or Die Hard” and “Transformers” – both give some major screen time to big rigs.

In the case of “Die Hard,” it’s a Freightliner Classic XL, and it’s the headquarters for the film’s team of ultra-bad bad guys. The truck itself looks cool, but the mobile command center of a trailer is the real show-stopper for fans of so-called “truck porn.” Too bad it takes such a beating by the time the credits roll!

In “Transformers,” it’s the exact opposite. The leader of the good guys, Optimus Prime, is portrayed by a beefed-up Peterbilt 379 with a pretty sweet blue and red flame paint scheme. Even if you or your kids never watched the old cartoon series, this is a big-budget action film worth checking out, for the truck shots if nothing else.

I think every movie should have a good truck scene – so long as it doesn’t give a bad name to the industry of course. Luckily, neither of these films seems to do that.